New from Ruland: CNC tool shelves and rail mounts

Marlborough, MA, July 2019. Ruland Manufacturing now supplies Ruland designed CNC tool shelves and rail mounts that assist manufacturers maintain a 6S compliant work environment (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, Safety). Tool shelves can fit existing machine mount systems depending on the manufacturer. If mounts are not integral to the machine, Ruland rail mounts can be quickly and easily installed on existing equipment.

Manufacturers struggle to keep an organized workspace leading to tool damage and lost productivity time. Ruland CNC tool shelves and rail mount kits solve this problem by keeping 5C, BT-30 and hand tools neat and organized. This simple to install system can de-clutter the work area in less than fifteen minutes.

The heavy-duty shelves are designed to fit existing machine tool rail mount systems and can be moved from one machine to another without any disassembly. They are made from sixteen-gauge steel with custom sized plastic inserts for proper tool fit and protection from damage. Each shelf can hold up to 40 lbs and is durable enough to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. Tool clutter can be virtually eliminated and productivity increased when using these shelves.

For users without rail mounts or those with extra tool storage needs, Ruland has designed a complete custom mounting system that can be set on any fourteen-gauge steel structure. The system consists of two rails, mounting hardware, and two, three or four shelves. Each rail is 36 inches long and together can hold up to 160 lbs on four shelves.

The shelves are manufactured and assembled in the US. They come in three types depending on the tools needing to be stored.


  • CNC tool shelves keep 5C, BT-30 and hand tools organized
  • Helps maintain an organized workspace for 6S machining environments
  • Each shelf can hold up to 40 lbs
  • Can be moved from one machine to another without any disassembly
  • Shelves are durable enough to withstand harsh manufacturing environments

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